Looking For Work?

Man And Van London Light Removals


If you are a hardworking, well presented, fit, friendly driver who owns a clean non branded or liveried van less than 7 years old and you are interested in working with us please email in the first instance, we cannot deal with employment queries by phone.

You will need to be responsible, careful, courteous, able to work under pressure in sometimes unusual, stressful, dirty, difficult, hot and physically demanding conditions – while still pretending that you are not exhausted, and able to cheerfully encourage a customer to lift the other end of that sofa upstairs that they were convinced wasn’t heavy when they made the decision not to hire a second man… You know the geography of London and can avoid traffic hotspots, and are able to drive your van without road rage or creating a wake of carnage behind you. You have stamina, can think on your feet, are flexible in your approach and have great common sense. You are well humoured, interested in others and are able to speak with people from all walks of life without being racist, sexist, homophobic, envious, arrogant, rude or judgemental. You will not try to convince customers why they should vote UKIP, or should invest in your business idea, or attempt to convert them to your religion, or ask them on a date. If you have all these things, you will be well rewarded for hard and brutal work.

Email – bookings@manandvanlondon.com using the title ‘Looking for Work‘ in the subject line.

In the email please supply a photo of your valid drivers license, with details of where you are based, experience in the courier / taxi / chauffeur / removals business, and what hours you are looking to work.

In due course will need you to provide full documents and consent to a background check. You will also need a smartphone. We will provide earning potential, payment details, training and software to successful applicants.


If you are looking to work as a drivers assistant, the same process applies as above. Instead of a drivers licence please provide a photo of yourself (a selfie is fine, not pouting though please..) along with the other details requested above.