Man And Van London Light Removals Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I include the journey in my loading time allowance?

A: If using the Instant Quote then you DO NOT pay for the journey time. Simply estimate the total combined minutes required to load at your departure point AND unload at your destination. Any road delays or traffic problems are not charged for when using the fixed pricing system. Please contact us if you need more advice.

Q: What does 'Driver Loading Assistance' actually mean?

A: He will help lift and carry your goods from inside the property to the removal van, and then into your destination address. If you choose ‘non assisted’ the driver will stand in the back of the removal van to arrange your load so it’s safe to transport (and therefore insured) and help hand it out at the other end, but not do any lifting and carrying.

Q: Will you take my goods to any floor, and any room?

A: Yes, if you select ‘driver helping’ we put the goods wherever you want.

Q: Why do you have 2 pricing options?

A: The fixed rate (the instant online quote generator) is best when you are travelling through traffic or long distance, because you do not get charged during the journey. The hourly rate option is best when moving nearby or doing multiple drops. We will always offer you the option which is cheaper!

Q: How do I pay?

A: By cash or cheque directly to the removal driver after the job, or credit/debit card via our website using Paypal. Invoicing is also possible by prior arrangement for corporate clients.

Q: Can I travel with the driver, and does it cost more?

A: Up to two passengers may travel with the driver, and this does not affect the price in any way.

Q: Where are you based, and what areas do you cover?

A: We have removal men and vans all over London and we cover the whole M25 area. We will also do nationwide removal runs which start or end in London.

Q: How much advance notice do you need for a removal booking?

A: Usually 1 day before is enough, but at weekends the earlier you book the better the chance of getting the exact time you require.

Q: Are there any additional costs or charges?

A: No, except if you go over your chosen Loading Time allowance or a parking fine is incurred. You do NOT pay extra for fuel, stairs, traffic jams, mileage, congestion charge, etc.

Q: What about parking?

A: Our removal drivers will always try to park legally and close to your property, however ensuring adequate parking is the responsibility of the customer. As such we recommend that you either obtain permission from your council or reserve space outside your property- this will help keep loading time to a minimum and avoid any parking fines. If a penalty charge is incurred we request immediate payment to the driver by the customer. The laws are (loosely) as follows- Double red lines usually means no stopping or loading ever, single reds may have loading bays or time restrictions, double and single yellows usually allow 20 minutes of loading provided the warden can see it taking place (unless there are curb markings/signs saying otherwise).

Q: What if I go over the Loading Time allowance I booked?

A: Overtime is charged pro rata (we do not ’round it up’ to the nearest hour) at our hourly rates – please see tab above for details. We do this to encourage realistic estimations and therefore ensure our next customers can be serviced on schedule. The removal driver is often able to predict if your load is likely to take longer than you booked, this should help calculate any possible overtime charges. For advice on estimating please contact us.

Q: I've had a cheaper quote- will you beat it?

A: No, we do not price match. We are the only man and van removal company we know of who transparently show prices which are fully inclusive and instantly available online for anyone to view- there are no ‘hidden’ surcharges for things such as Goods In Transit insurance (many Man and Van removal companies do not have this, or charge extra to include it- your goods would be uninsured for breakage), mileage, fuel, tolls, traffic jams, extra boxes, stairs, congestion charge, VAT, etc. We are also the only man and van removal service we know of to offer an ‘on time’ guarantee. We price competitively for a professional high quality removal service and do not enter into ‘price wars’ which easily result in cutting corners to keep removal costs down!

Q: Am I charged for the the removal man and van to get to my pick up address?

A: No. Price is calculated from your removal departure point to your removal destination point.

Q: When does my loading time allowance start and end?

A: It begins when we arrive and stops upon receipt of payment, but DOES NOT get used during the journey.

Q: If I don't use all my time do I get a refund?

A: Sorry, no- our removal service prices are calculated on loading time, time of day, day of week, distance, driver help and any additional costs such as London Congestion Charge- Load Time alone is a marginal factor. We also block the requested time out and do not take overlapping removal bookings for that driver. So for the sake of our schedules (and your pockets!) please try to be as accurate as possible in your estimation- contact us if you need advice.

Q: Does my removal service quote include the London Congestion Charge?

A: Yes, our quoting system automatically flags any postcode within the CC Zone and factors it into your price.

Q: Do I have to give you a deposit?

A: We usually require a 30% deposit, dependant upon job cost. If you need to cancel your removal service, please do it AT LEAST 12 (twelve) hours before our due arrival to avoid losing the deposit. If done outside of the 12 hours deposits are fully refundeable MINUS a £5 admin fee (which Paypal charge us!)

Q: Can I pay by credit card?

cards A: Yes, we can accept all major credit/debit cards via PayPal (this can be done on our payment page) and any overtime must be paid after the job by cash or cheque directly to your removal man. We can also invoice for corporate removal work, please contact us in advance to set up an account.

Q: Am I insured for breakages?

A: Yes, our vans are all fully comprehensively insured with additional ‘Hire and Reward’ cover which allows us to carry passengers, and we also have £10,000 Goods In Transit insurance plus £1,000,000 Public Liability insurance AS STANDARD. We can also arrange additional specific item insurance for you if you wish. Obviously we treat all items with great care, and our vans carry straps, blankets, tools and trollies for safety and protection.

Q: Do you have breakdown cover?

A: Yes, we have full AA cover with onward journey protection. This means even in the event of a breakdown the van would be towed to your destination with the load. Of course, all our vans are regularly serviced and carry spare wheels.

Q: Will you do clearances or take things to a Dump?

A: We are not licensed waste carriers, but the odd item of furniture or suchlike may be possible to recycle or dispose of- however councils normally charge a minimum of £45 for tipping. We can not take any toxic or loose waste, nor any badly soiled items or loads. Try one of the many waste disposal companies on Google or Yahoo.

Q: Can you do full house removals?

A: It is possible but obviously we are limited by the size of our vans- we mainly do light moves in urban areas, eg. 1 or 2 bed flats or furniture delivery. We are essentially a goods taxi service rather than a full removals company! However we can always bring more than one van, which will almost certainly still be cheaper than a full removal.

Q: What about longer runs?

A: We are happy to do them, but they must either start or end in the London/M25 area. Please check the instant quote page for a price.

Q: How will I know you are definately coming?

A: Apart from your confirmation email we will also contact you the day before your booking, and then again as we approach your pick up time on the day.

Q: What if you are late?

A: We try to factor most eventualities into our schedules, such as traffic jams and overunning jobs, but sometime delays are inevitable. However we take punctuality very seriously, and to this end if we are ever more than 60 minutes late we will give you a 10% reduction of your booking fee, immediately redeemable , even if it is entirely beyond our control. These reductions increase if the delays continue, please check the ‘Our Guarantees’ link on the left.

Q: Will you unplumb my dishwasher, wahing machine or cooker?

A: We will always try to assist in whichever way we can – however we generally cannot tamper with plumbing, electrics or gas fittings. Exceptions can sometimes be made if requested by the customer for a simple unscrewing of a washing machine/dishwasher water pipe from a mains tap, but the customer must first switch off the water and indemnitfy ourselves, by signature, from any damage to appliance or property that might be caused by a leaking seal etc. In truth we prefer that you have this done before we arrive!

Q: What about removing doors or windows to fit my sofa through?

A: Again, we always try to help, but cannot promise that this is possilble or advised. If you have not fully measured and ensured your goods will fit through gaps, and you require us to unscrew a door from its hinges for example, we will assess the feasibility, inform you of our opinion and ask for a signature disclaimer should you wish us to proceed.

Q: How big are your vans?

A: We use Extra Long Wheel Base High Roof vehicles for our ‘Man and Van’ removals service. In real terms this roughly means they can fit a double bed, a wardrobe or two, a sofa, kitchen table and chairs, TV, computer, table/chairs and plenty of large boxes and bags in one load. They can also seat 2 passengers in the cab with the driver. We find this sized van to be ideal for urban removals. Details here

Q: Should I tip the driver?

A: If they have exceeded your expectations, then feel free! You are under absolutely no obligation to do so, and should in no way feel pressured to.