Hourly Rate Option

Man And Van London Light Removals

This is ideal for multiple short or medium distance removals, or when it is not possible to predict how long loading and unloading might take.

A removals van with driver is £45 per hour. He will not lift and carry, but will arrange your items safely in the removal vehicle.

For the driver to help load and unload (any room, any floor) it is £60 per hour.

Two men with a removals van is £75 per hour – they will do all lifting and carrying for you.



Distance travelled is charged at £1 per mile, and all options have a 90 minute minimum booking, but thereafter is only charged for the exact time used (we do not round it up).

Any removals work performed on Saturday or Sunday adds 10%.
Removals work performed before 7.30am or after 6pm also adds 10%.

(NOTE– You ARE charged for the journey time and distance with this removals option, which is why it is less attractive for longer distances. However, all of our removals vans have GPS satellite navigation to ensure the most efficient journey.)

Parking costs and Congestion Charge will be added to the total where applicable.

Time starts when we arrive and stops upon receipt of payment.