Our Guarantees

Man And Van London Light Removals

We are fully aware of the dubious reputation the ‘man and van’ removal business has, and we understand your fears… no shows or late arrivals, mobile phones switched off, unroadworthy vans, rally drivers, disappearing goods, bad communication, grumpy unfit helpers, hidden extra charges, etc…

We have changed all this. We know that we give a great removal service – our customers tell us directly, and the amount of positive client testimonials and online reviews speak for themselves. But for total peace of mind we insist that the following guarantees are in place.

1) Lateness

Occasionally unforeseen delays are inevitable. Although we try to factor traffic problems or overrunning jobs into our removal schedules, we will give a 10% reduction on any removal booking where our ‘Man and Van’ arrives at the starting address more than 1 hour later than your agreed and confirmed pick up time, regardless of the circumstances.

Our drivers will also keep you fully informed in advance should any potential lateness look likely, and continue to give updates of their progress until they reach you.

Your cost reduction will be offered by your driver if he is late. It is immediately redeemable and will be subtracted from your booked fee at the end of the removal service.

* Please note this only applies to pre booked jobs – any ‘on demand’ or same day bookings cannot be time guaranteed as we accept this work on the understanding that we are fitting them around our existing pre booked schedule.

2) Breakages

We are insured for £10,000 per removal load, so this covers anything huge and expensive like your prized flatscreen, or the bottle of Cristal Brut 1990 Methuselah. But the piece of glass that slips out of the picture frame, or the lampshade that dents… we will repair or replace any item that is damaged while under our care. Please see the T & Cs page for full details.

3) Communication

We have our own removal service methods and system, which you will be fully informed about when you book your man and van removal with us- but if we do not honour our communication promises on the day and you are not satisfied that you were always fully informed then you will get 10% off, instantly redeemable from the removal service price.

4) Satisfaction

If you are not totally happy with the removal service you are getting, we will arrange an alternative. This means either a new man and van from us, or we will arrange for another company to come and do it for you. How can we make such an outrageous offer? Because we are certain we won’t ever have to use it- and if we ever mess up so badly that we DO have to do it, then we deserve to pay the price!

5) Your Guarantee to Us

If there is anything we can do to improve our man and van removal service, you must TELL US! Speak to your removal driver directly, or tell us what you want through the office. We may not have thought of it, or we might have missed something obvious… and if its useful enough we will send you something nice…!

Our Commitments Proved (and a confessional…)

Delays due to overunning jobs or bad traffic are inevitable in this type of London removal work. However, we always try to factor in ‘buffer zones’ in our removal schedules to soak up any discrepancies, and this continues to work very well due to our knowledge of London traffic/geography combined with careful planning . Historically over the last 5 years, statistically only 1 in 350 removal jobs was delayed by 1 hour- in which case we are always happy to offer the 10% off immediately.

However, we did have a single occasion when a job was (gasp!) entirely missed… We had set up new ‘cloud’ based technology so everyone had remote access to the diary, and during the 10 minute changeover a removal booking was taken and the information was entered before the switchover but after the backup, meaning it effectively disappeared from the records upon rebooting.

As this was a regular customer she knew and trusted us, and was unconcerned when she did not get the usual confirmation/introduction from her removal driver the evening before, and so did not alert us….

Then we got the call at 5.10pm on a Friday evening- ‘You were due here 10 minutes ago, everything ok?’…. We coughed, spluttered, choked, checked the diary – nothing. Trawled the emails and sure enough there it was, removal booked and confirmed. Disaster.

All our drivers were either still on jobs or nowhere near her, and any friends from other man and van removal companies were busy. Now- perhaps we could have wriggled and said ‘well… you did not call us last night so sorry and good luck with that…’ but of course we searched Google, called every man and van removal company on there until we found someone nearby, booked it and had them with her within 40 minutes. Perhaps we could also have left it there and just said the removal driver had been delayed, but we came clean about what had happened and as an apology we also paid for it entirely.

So our customer got the job free (albeit 50 mins late…) and happily remains a customer to this day still.

So the moral is, you are in safe and trustworthy hands with us and your priorities are first, even if the unforeseen happens. Oh, and be really REALLY careful when you change your IT systems….